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My thesis novel writing starts tomorrow, to kick off NaNoWriMo. These are 3 out of 4 of my main characters.


A worldly heir of nobility/fortune with secrets to keep & graces to maintain.


A young lady, tempted by power, who must choose between practicality and risk.

serious face

A student, full of potential, who tries to find the proper outlet for his intensities.

Not included – A displaced (& disgraced) courtier sent away to re-establish himself and learn a bit of humility. [He is not pictured because I’m combining two previously pictured character designs to make him – am getting rid of the knight from a few posts down below]

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ah! what?

Experiment in coloring with a texture thrown in to make it a bit grittier. Lineart in Painter and coloring in Photoshop. I’m glad I finally got this guy’s base design and coloring down. What a dope. He’s supposed to be a knight, but an incredibly inept one. Well, inept isn’t really the word. More like constantly bewildered, probably.

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she of big eye and strange nose

Coloring is so tedious and almost, almost not worth my time. *Whine moar*

This is a colored version of the image of the girl holding the book that I sketched in pen and copic markers (look at the first post for the original). I daresay this one is a little less obscured by shadows, but it’s not done, so we’ll see about that. It has to be ~ominous~ after all. My sense of anatomy says WHY ARE HER EYES SO BIG but Ehhh. Ehh. Also not sure if I love her hair color. Alas~~

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Hello! I used to have a sketchblog on Netherworld.nu, but the Underworld has been replaced by the summery goodness of Aestival! And so the sketch blog had to move. But knowing how clumsy I can be, I didn’t archive the old one properly. So you get this most excellent gallery of precious little sketchoodles. ESQUISSE ME!

[nggallery id=1]

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