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I almost forgot to post today. Here’s Delara. She is 30% anxious, 30% annoyed, and 40% curious most of the time. She also wears shawls. A lot. This doodle is texture’d to spice it up a bit.

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Sass-brows. That’s the unofficial name I’m giving you, girl. I mean, seriously, I was just minding my own business when you leapt out of the end of my brush pen and decided you and your smirky ways would take over the page.

This is Roshana again – same character as the one holding the sword a few entries prior to this. I was just testing out a pen I bought for fun (it’s a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and yes, it’s as fun as everyone says it is). Unlike computer doodles, this has no date because I don’t date my sketchbooks…though I’m beginning to think I should.

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I’m very shy to do this but I’m going to share some original character art. They’re from my Senior Project at school which was a fantasy novel (with illustrations). Illustration, especially for characters you know because they’re denizens of your own insane mental universe, is a difficult thing to do, because the people you dream up are ever changing. But here we are!

They were completed (in their current state, at least) from left to right, top to bottom. I learned a LOT about photoshop in the process of making these. A LOT. How to erase the white from pencil line art, the mask tool, opacity and flow, using the pen pressure tool and not going overboard with different brushes…lessons I needed to learn! The most important lesson, and one that still hasn’t been drilled into me enough, is to not be afraid to use references, especially for light sources. *whistles* If you want to know more about them contact me, but I’m just going to let these pieces speak for themselves.

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My thesis novel writing starts tomorrow, to kick off NaNoWriMo. These are 3 out of 4 of my main characters.


A worldly heir of nobility/fortune with secrets to keep & graces to maintain.


A young lady, tempted by power, who must choose between practicality and risk.

serious face

A student, full of potential, who tries to find the proper outlet for his intensities.

Not included – A displaced (& disgraced) courtier sent away to re-establish himself and learn a bit of humility. [He is not pictured because I’m combining two previously pictured character designs to make him – am getting rid of the knight from a few posts down below]

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It’s time for some old pieces from one of my seventy three neglected moleskine notebooks.

Anand. From like, aaaages ago when I made him pose for me while everyone was at the diner.


Umm, we’ll see who he is. He’s based on a man I merely glimpsed at while I was in Brighton a few months ago. He was standing outside a bookstore looking perfectly happy and content with life. Then I drew him and it was nice. Then I inked the pencil sketch and he ended up looking a lot more dangerous than I intended him to look. Oh my!

 not to be confused with gary oldman, obviously

not to be confused with gary oldman, obviously

This is a sketch of an old man I saw on the bus in Grenoble in late May/early June. It’s more accurate than is really polite (he really was wearing slippers and had mutant-caterpillar-Martin Scorsese eyebrows). He was too incredible looking not to draw.

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Hello! I used to have a sketchblog on Netherworld.nu, but the Underworld has been replaced by the summery goodness of Aestival! And so the sketch blog had to move. But knowing how clumsy I can be, I didn’t archive the old one properly. So you get this most excellent gallery of precious little sketchoodles. ESQUISSE ME!

[nggallery id=1]

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