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More book illustration / fanart today, hoo hoo. This here’s Moirin, the main protagonist of Jacqueline Carey‘s second trilogy set in the Terre D’Ange universe. She’s got the ability to coax plants and make ’em grow, among other skills. She’s one great character, because she’s totally believable — she’s young, makes mistakes (of the heart, ha), acts on impulse, is filled with wonder for the world she is in, and has a great heart.

I completed this one a while ago – I think in December, or early January (it’s June now, right? Yikes!). All I remember about the process is that I went a little texture crazy (and probably did my line art in Manga Studio). My composer friend Christy has been using my Kushiel art for her Eglantine Adept music page, so if you like Kushiel-related goodness check out her facebook page.

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By that time, Joscelin had arrived, and his sword sang free of its sheath as he drew it. “David de Rocaille,” he said softly. “Turn and face me.”

The remaining Cassiline backed slowly away, covering Ysandre’s retreat. In the stillness, David de Rocaille turned to meet Joscelin Verreuil.

Something more completed, yes? This is warrior-priest Joscelin, from Jacqueline Carey‘s fabulous Kushiel’s Legacy books. I drew him in a pseudo-comic for my friend Christy, who is developing some really breathtaking compositions inspired by the books. This image is old, but I was in a mood to post it. The best part of this picture to me is that Joscelin has only recently come out of hiding, which involved dying his hair brown (which is why his eyebrows are blonde – I wanted a fun reminder of his epic blondness). If I had to have a second go at this, I’d probably angle the sword differently and re-do the vambraces. Never say never…though I guess when you run a sketchblog, threats like that are a given. (Fun fact: I’d thought that I knew how to spell vambraces up until literally thirty seconds ago when I had to check. I wasn’t.)



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This is Barquiel. He’s a character in Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Legacy books. He’s a snarky bastard. I’m not sure blue is really his color, but the magic of ~digital coloring~ is that I can always go back, I guess. Stupid Courcel Blue.

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Sidonie from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel Series.

Ehh, I got bored tonight and wanted to experiment with coloring again. I can never quite pick the colors I want.

Yeah, not funny.

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Click for bigger, and I warn you now: it’s huge. This is for the Press, obviously. Header done in Illustrator, linework in Photoshop, coloring with Painter. 124% accuracy.

Umm and for the hell of it I’ll throw these guys in here (Mavros and Imriel from the book Kushiel’s Scion):


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Miss Anguissette

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“The blood beat in my ears, with a sound like bronze wings clashing. A red haze veiled my vision. Kushiel’s face swam before my eyes, cruel and compassionate.” – Kushiel’s Avatar

Ooh, a proper colored version. It’s part of an illustration I sent a friend depicting a confrontation scene in the book Kushiel’s Chosen. Originally it was just colored normally, but the rest of the panels looked sort of bland. I decided that, since the books are from Phèdre’s perspective, and she was about to watch an absolutely scene-stopping fight take place, it would only be fitting to have the scene painted with the signature color that clouds her vision any time she is asked to enforce the will of Kushiel, the punishing angel. If that made no sense to you since you don’t know the books…well, I hope you enjoy the picture anyway.

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she's a laaady (said in tom jones voice)

Phèdre no Delaunay! Gosh I love her character! I have to get her right one day. There needs to be a hint of playfulness, a hint of cleverness, a hint of desire and a deep layer of submission and soul-bearing involved. Sounds pretty easy, eh? Yeah..

For those who aren’t familiar; in the books, she has a scarlet colored speck in her eye (the medical student in me calls it sectoral heterochromia in her left eye) so for the purposes of this picture I reversed it a bit, adding a speck of white for effect. Woo!

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Hello! I used to have a sketchblog on Netherworld.nu, but the Underworld has been replaced by the summery goodness of Aestival! And so the sketch blog had to move. But knowing how clumsy I can be, I didn’t archive the old one properly. So you get this most excellent gallery of precious little sketchoodles. ESQUISSE ME!

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