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Voila, an illustration I promised my friend Jae many a month ago, featuring Heero Yuy. It had been at least four or five years since I’d drawn Heero. The obsessive Gundam Wing fangirl within could never forget that hair, though, so I pretty much worked from memory and all was good. This is one version with a little bit of a dreamy blur going on just because I felt like using filters. Jae, you’re welcome to share all the versions I sent you wherever you choose :).

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Another piece colored from David’s sketch. His original looked like Kristen Bell; my coloring made her look like Diane Kruger. Uh, I don’t know. Done mostly in Photoshop, with blending done in Painter. (Photoshop is really poor for blending, unless I’m mistaken?)

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This is David’s character Bethany from his books. He drew the picture and I wanted to get some practice in so I decided to try coloring it. I learn more and more with each piece; that’s all I’ll say. Going to go to I-Con this week! Maybe I’ll meet some really rad illustrators and suck out their talents.

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Sidonie from Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel Series.

Ehh, I got bored tonight and wanted to experiment with coloring again. I can never quite pick the colors I want.

Yeah, not funny.

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My thesis novel writing starts tomorrow, to kick off NaNoWriMo. These are 3 out of 4 of my main characters.


A worldly heir of nobility/fortune with secrets to keep & graces to maintain.


A young lady, tempted by power, who must choose between practicality and risk.

serious face

A student, full of potential, who tries to find the proper outlet for his intensities.

Not included – A displaced (& disgraced) courtier sent away to re-establish himself and learn a bit of humility. [He is not pictured because I’m combining two previously pictured character designs to make him – am getting rid of the knight from a few posts down below]

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Miss Anguissette

(Click it for the bigger version)

“The blood beat in my ears, with a sound like bronze wings clashing. A red haze veiled my vision. Kushiel’s face swam before my eyes, cruel and compassionate.” – Kushiel’s Avatar

Ooh, a proper colored version. It’s part of an illustration I sent a friend depicting a confrontation scene in the book Kushiel’s Chosen. Originally it was just colored normally, but the rest of the panels looked sort of bland. I decided that, since the books are from Phèdre’s perspective, and she was about to watch an absolutely scene-stopping fight take place, it would only be fitting to have the scene painted with the signature color that clouds her vision any time she is asked to enforce the will of Kushiel, the punishing angel. If that made no sense to you since you don’t know the books…well, I hope you enjoy the picture anyway.

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Just a quick messing-around with photoshop I did today before I went to the library, where I successfully haggled my overdue fines to half what they were because I only brought nickels and dimes with me. Ho ho ho! Anyhoo, this is Ashelia B’nargin Dalmasca from Final Fantasy 12. I just wanted to see what sorts of coloringz I could do in photoshop in less than ten minutes. I need to work on my light sources –;

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she of big eye and strange nose

Coloring is so tedious and almost, almost not worth my time. *Whine moar*

This is a colored version of the image of the girl holding the book that I sketched in pen and copic markers (look at the first post for the original). I daresay this one is a little less obscured by shadows, but it’s not done, so we’ll see about that. It has to be ~ominous~ after all. My sense of anatomy says WHY ARE HER EYES SO BIG but Ehhh. Ehh. Also not sure if I love her hair color. Alas~~

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fiddle faddle

A bit more fiddling with painter for the day. Her nose looks a tad small . . . BUT I have a newfound fetish for lips as you can probably tell. She’s supposed to be gaunt, starving and sleep deprived. A girl after your own heart, eh?

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Hello! I used to have a sketchblog on Netherworld.nu, but the Underworld has been replaced by the summery goodness of Aestival! And so the sketch blog had to move. But knowing how clumsy I can be, I didn’t archive the old one properly. So you get this most excellent gallery of precious little sketchoodles. ESQUISSE ME!

[nggallery id=1]

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