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Well folks, I’m out of the country again for a solid month starting tonight. So these two pictures may be the last updates for a few weeks. I’m bringing a baby sketchbook and pencils, but tablet stays at home, so expect very little updates unless they’re instagram’d photos of art or something. If you want to know more of my shenanigans, I’m always updating my flickr, twitter, and tumblr.

Here are some neurotic ducks for you. And angry Canadian geese. Scary, they are.

Two friends who wanted a drawing to put up in their home. Now they can stare at themselves.

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I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know anything about Halo. Most attempts to play it end up with me holding the controller upside down. But when my friend Sarah asked me to draw her friend Eric as Master Chief, I happily obliged. He owns the armor in real life. So it’s like art imitating life imitating art. With a bunny.

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Voila, an illustration I promised my friend Jae many a month ago, featuring Heero Yuy. It had been at least four or five years since I’d drawn Heero. The obsessive Gundam Wing fangirl within could never forget that hair, though, so I pretty much worked from memory and all was good. This is one version with a little bit of a dreamy blur going on just because I felt like using filters. Jae, you’re welcome to share all the versions I sent you wherever you choose :).

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Just a doodle I sent to one of my frenchies for her birthday. Hopefully she won’t mind me posting her cartooned face up here..


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I don’t know if I’d consider this completed, but it’s not a work in progress, either. Just some fooling around, playing with skin tones. This is my friend Greg. I make him look a little Asian, but he’s convinced people that he’s half Asian, so I think it’s ok. This is a picture we took when we were putzing around Brighton Beach in England a few months ago. We live  glamorous, jet-setting lives, you see.

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