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Here’s Merida. I drew her from memory, so don’t nitpick about her clothes.

I liked Brave! I didn’t love everything about it, but I’d say it did what it set out to do: tell a story about a mother and a daughter. The emotional resonance succeeded for the most part, in that special way that only Pixar movies can showcase. Female characters do not exist solely to find mates. People would do well to remember this.

Drawn on an iPad using the Paper by FiftyThree. I really like Zen Brush, too, but it’s not as intuitive as Paper. I’ve tried Sketchbook Pro and I found it so-so, and I think I paid for a few that really did nothing for me, since I can’t even remember their names. Anyone have any other app recommendations?

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More book illustration / fanart today, hoo hoo. This here’s Moirin, the main protagonist of Jacqueline Carey‘s second trilogy set in the Terre D’Ange universe. She’s got the ability to coax plants and make ’em grow, among other skills. She’s one great character, because she’s totally believable — she’s young, makes mistakes (of the heart, ha), acts on impulse, is filled with wonder for the world she is in, and has a great heart.

I completed this one a while ago – I think in December, or early January (it’s June now, right? Yikes!). All I remember about the process is that I went a little texture crazy (and probably did my line art in Manga Studio). My composer friend Christy has been using my Kushiel art for her Eglantine Adept music page, so if you like Kushiel-related goodness check out her facebook page.

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Another book fanart illustration catastrophe! Exciting.

Willy Silver, the guitarist (and a little more) from War for the Oaks (Emma Bull). He’s meant to have a streak of white hair, green eyes, and be dressed head to toe in leather when we first see him. Aka HELLOOO NURSE, etc. I happen to be fairly adept at drawing pretty-boys, so this drawing was definitely in my comfort zone.

(Done in photoshop using these neat brushes that really mimic pencil/graphite quite well.)

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War for the Oaks by Emma Bull is a delightful book. This is my idea of the main character, Eddi. What I remember about her (visually) was that she has blonde hair, sings, and plays a red Rickenbacker. She does sport some kickin’ outfits during the course of the book, but I played around and designed my own for her. I didn’t intend for the colors to turn out the way they did (I don’t think I ever really have intentions for my colors, sigh, haha), but I must say I like the way the red and electric turquoise contrast. I drew Willy Silver, too, but maybe I’ll post him tomorrow.

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Twee twee twee, I said I’d post again and here I am. It’s a color piece today, completed a few nights ago. It’s a character from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Show is seriously addicting! It’s a trade I did with my friend Brett. He drew Lin Beifong and I drew Tarrlok. He’s a sneaky sneak, and I really enjoy his character design, so good times were had by all.

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By that time, Joscelin had arrived, and his sword sang free of its sheath as he drew it. “David de Rocaille,” he said softly. “Turn and face me.”

The remaining Cassiline backed slowly away, covering Ysandre’s retreat. In the stillness, David de Rocaille turned to meet Joscelin Verreuil.

Something more completed, yes? This is warrior-priest Joscelin, from Jacqueline Carey‘s fabulous Kushiel’s Legacy books. I drew him in a pseudo-comic for my friend Christy, who is developing some really breathtaking compositions inspired by the books. This image is old, but I was in a mood to post it. The best part of this picture to me is that Joscelin has only recently come out of hiding, which involved dying his hair brown (which is why his eyebrows are blonde – I wanted a fun reminder of his epic blondness). If I had to have a second go at this, I’d probably angle the sword differently and re-do the vambraces. Never say never…though I guess when you run a sketchblog, threats like that are a given. (Fun fact: I’d thought that I knew how to spell vambraces up until literally thirty seconds ago when I had to check. I wasn’t.)



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Lirael, Daughter of the Clayr.
I read Lirael while on a plane ride to Australia from New York. A fitting idea: Garth Nix, the author of the book, is Australian. Reader, I loved it immensely. It made the long, long flight so, so short. Anyway, she is a female character that is brilliant and I love her for her ability to be emotional and practical in just the right amounts. It’s an achievement how much growing she does in just one book. Highly recommended! Anyway, this is just a doodle I did one night in May.

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I’m so serious about that updating thing. See! Here I am! Posting things! These were done in August. They are characters from George R R Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. I was probably reading Storm of Swords or Clash of Kings at that point. I mix up the book titles a heck of a lot, for someone who has actually read them. Shh, don’t tell.

Lord Snow. I wish I got Ghost in, but I kind of just wanted to see how I’d draw his face. Next time! This one was done with Photoshop in about an hour or so.

Daenerys Targaryen. Giving a total bitchface, but hey, she’s Khaleesi, gosh darn it, and she has to suspect your motives if she wants to ~survive~. It is known, yo. Next time I draw her there will be more braids and a dragon. Sketched in Painter.

And just as a silly thing, here’s a doll maker I was playing around with — rather than make my own Princess I made Dany for fun. Beware, for you too may spend the rest of your day on that website making them.

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This is Malahide from a book called Dragonsoul. Or Dragon Soul. Something. She possesses a glorious nose in more ways than one. She’s bloody fabulous and I kind of want to be her. The end!

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Hey look it’s Elika from Prince of Persia 08! I’ve been playing this game with my mom sitting nearby and we both laugh at the repetitive Persian phrases that they use as “spells” or whatever. I thought it was cute at first but after hearing “In the hands of Ormazd!” “Trust in Ormazd!” “Fly!” “Elegance!” “Save him!” etc in awkward Persian I kind of needed a rest. By that time the game had finished and it was all okay. At the end of the day, the character designs and concept art for this game make it well worth it. Not to mention the flirtatious banter between the two main characters. Dayyum~~

(was messing around with the new Photoshop brushes, done in a couple of hours)

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