— disastrous strokes

whisps of curls, crinkly eyes

It’s time for some old pieces from one of my seventy three neglected moleskine notebooks.

Anand. From like, aaaages ago when I made him pose for me while everyone was at the diner.


Umm, we’ll see who he is. He’s based on a man I merely glimpsed at while I was in Brighton a few months ago. He was standing outside a bookstore looking perfectly happy and content with life. Then I drew him and it was nice. Then I inked the pencil sketch and he ended up looking a lot more dangerous than I intended him to look. Oh my!

 not to be confused with gary oldman, obviously

not to be confused with gary oldman, obviously

This is a sketch of an old man I saw on the bus in Grenoble in late May/early June. It’s more accurate than is really polite (he really was wearing slippers and had mutant-caterpillar-Martin Scorsese eyebrows). He was too incredible looking not to draw.


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