— disastrous strokes

pricks the eyen of chosen mortals

Miss Anguissette

(Click it for the bigger version)

“The blood beat in my ears, with a sound like bronze wings clashing. A red haze veiled my vision. Kushiel’s face swam before my eyes, cruel and compassionate.” – Kushiel’s Avatar

Ooh, a proper colored version. It’s part of an illustration I sent a friend depicting a confrontation scene in the book Kushiel’s Chosen. Originally it was just colored normally, but the rest of the panels looked sort of bland. I decided that, since the books are from Phèdre’s perspective, and she was about to watch an absolutely scene-stopping fight take place, it would only be fitting to have the scene painted with the signature color that clouds her vision any time she is asked to enforce the will of Kushiel, the punishing angel. If that made no sense to you since you don’t know the books…well, I hope you enjoy the picture anyway.


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