— disastrous strokes

Girls girls girls

Ah, what else is new?

Random news: I found a really nice tablet in my basement, apparently it’d been there for like, two years? (by the way, my basement is magic) But that’s a whole ‘nother story. Point is, it’s been a blast learning how to use it, and doodling.

This is Roshana, and anyone who actually knows anything about fencing should forgive me for this pose and concentrate instead on her magic poof pants.

Little thing I did for a friend on her birthday..

Self portrait. Of my brain. Noms..

In terms of things of note, I think I’ve kind of given up on Painter as my coloring program for the moment. Something about Photoshop seems so much more right, now that it has a built in set of brushes and a preloaded workspace for digital painting. I’ve also been fiddling with this brilliant pentel brush pen that I’d heard people talking about on the internet and decided to try for myself. I’ll probably upload some doodles once they amass. That’s all, really. See you in another decade the next time I decide to update (kidding).


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