— disastrous strokes

sly as a fox, this one!

This is Malahide from a book called Dragonsoul. Or Dragon Soul. Something. She possesses a glorious nose in more ways than one. She’s bloody fabulous and I kind of want to be her. The end!


  1. Fiona says: July 19, 20106:39 PM

    Tia! I love this. Totally Malahide.

  2. tiamat says: July 20, 20106:24 PM

    Thank you 🙂 🙂

  3. Brett says: December 19, 20104:12 PM

    This has been sitting here for ages. Post something new! >:{[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

  4. tiamat says: December 20, 201011:13 AM

    Soon 🙂

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