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Ah, what else is new?

Random news: I found a really nice tablet in my basement, apparently it’d been there for like, two years? (by the way, my basement is magic) But that’s a whole ‘nother story. Point is, it’s been a blast learning how to use it, and doodling.

This is Roshana, and anyone who actually knows anything about fencing should forgive me for this pose and concentrate instead on her magic poof pants.

Little thing I did for a friend on her birthday..

Self portrait. Of my brain. Noms..

In terms of things of note, I think I’ve kind of given up on Painter as my coloring program for the moment. Something about Photoshop seems so much more right, now that it has a built in set of brushes and a preloaded workspace for digital painting. I’ve also been fiddling with this brilliant pentel brush pen that I’d heard people talking about on the internet and decided to try for myself. I’ll probably upload some doodles once they amass. That’s all, really. See you in another decade the next time I decide to update (kidding).

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HEY. So, I’ve been quite bad and haven’t updated in ages. The reason is that I’ve been working on big, full color commissions this season. I’d like to share the pieces I’ve been working on since October.

Rapunzel! I kind of like her braided more than with her hair all willy-nilly.

Sleeping Beauty. Click for a slightly larger version, as my layout isn’t really friendly to wide images. The hardest part of this and Rapunzel was getting the hair, but I have learned much about blonde hair as a result. (I am a brunette.)

This one’s supposed to be a Dark Fairy; I think she came out a little more mischievous than dark, but I guess it could go either way. She’s up to something, anyhow.

Evil Witch. This one is my favorite. I quite like how her color scheme and outfit came out, as well as her nasty expression. Those eyebrows are ferocious! Heh.

I’ve definitely learned a lot about color and texture while completing these. I’ve also gotten to like Photoshop a lot more than Painter when it comes to coloring – maybe it’s because I have better swatches on Photoshop and understand the brush mechanics a little better. Who knows! All I know is that I’m going to be sketching a lot more now that these are done – I miss working with good old pencil and paper.


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I’m very shy to do this but I’m going to share some original character art. They’re from my Senior Project at school which was a fantasy novel (with illustrations). Illustration, especially for characters you know because they’re denizens of your own insane mental universe, is a difficult thing to do, because the people you dream up are ever changing. But here we are!

They were completed (in their current state, at least) from left to right, top to bottom. I learned a LOT about photoshop in the process of making these. A LOT. How to erase the white from pencil line art, the mask tool, opacity and flow, using the pen pressure tool and not going overboard with different brushes…lessons I needed to learn! The most important lesson, and one that still hasn’t been drilled into me enough, is to not be afraid to use references, especially for light sources. *whistles* If you want to know more about them contact me, but I’m just going to let these pieces speak for themselves.

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Voila, an illustration I promised my friend Jae many a month ago, featuring Heero Yuy. It had been at least four or five years since I’d drawn Heero. The obsessive Gundam Wing fangirl within could never forget that hair, though, so I pretty much worked from memory and all was good. This is one version with a little bit of a dreamy blur going on just because I felt like using filters. Jae, you’re welcome to share all the versions I sent you wherever you choose :).

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Another piece colored from David’s sketch. His original looked like Kristen Bell; my coloring made her look like Diane Kruger. Uh, I don’t know. Done mostly in Photoshop, with blending done in Painter. (Photoshop is really poor for blending, unless I’m mistaken?)

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This is David’s character Bethany from his books. He drew the picture and I wanted to get some practice in so I decided to try coloring it. I learn more and more with each piece; that’s all I’ll say. Going to go to I-Con this week! Maybe I’ll meet some really rad illustrators and suck out their talents.

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Click for bigger, and I warn you now: it’s huge. This is for the Press, obviously. Header done in Illustrator, linework in Photoshop, coloring with Painter. 124% accuracy.

Umm and for the hell of it I’ll throw these guys in here (Mavros and Imriel from the book Kushiel’s Scion):


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Miss Anguissette

(Click it for the bigger version)

“The blood beat in my ears, with a sound like bronze wings clashing. A red haze veiled my vision. Kushiel’s face swam before my eyes, cruel and compassionate.” – Kushiel’s Avatar

Ooh, a proper colored version. It’s part of an illustration I sent a friend depicting a confrontation scene in the book Kushiel’s Chosen. Originally it was just colored normally, but the rest of the panels looked sort of bland. I decided that, since the books are from Phèdre’s perspective, and she was about to watch an absolutely scene-stopping fight take place, it would only be fitting to have the scene painted with the signature color that clouds her vision any time she is asked to enforce the will of Kushiel, the punishing angel. If that made no sense to you since you don’t know the books…well, I hope you enjoy the picture anyway.

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