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Well folks, I’m out of the country again for a solid month starting tonight. So these two pictures may be the last updates for a few weeks. I’m bringing a baby sketchbook and pencils, but tablet stays at home, so expect very little updates unless they’re instagram’d photos of art or something. If you want to know more of my shenanigans, I’m always updating my flickr, twitter, and tumblr.

Here are some neurotic ducks for you. And angry Canadian geese. Scary, they are.

Two friends who wanted a drawing to put up in their home. Now they can stare at themselves.

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More book illustration / fanart today, hoo hoo. This here’s Moirin, the main protagonist of Jacqueline Carey‘s second trilogy set in the Terre D’Ange universe. She’s got the ability to coax plants and make ’em grow, among other skills. She’s one great character, because she’s totally believable — she’s young, makes mistakes (of the heart, ha), acts on impulse, is filled with wonder for the world she is in, and has a great heart.

I completed this one a while ago – I think in December, or early January (it’s June now, right? Yikes!). All I remember about the process is that I went a little texture crazy (and probably did my line art in Manga Studio). My composer friend Christy has been using my Kushiel art for her Eglantine Adept music page, so if you like Kushiel-related goodness check out her facebook page.

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Another book fanart illustration catastrophe! Exciting.

Willy Silver, the guitarist (and a little more) from War for the Oaks (Emma Bull). He’s meant to have a streak of white hair, green eyes, and be dressed head to toe in leather when we first see him. Aka HELLOOO NURSE, etc. I happen to be fairly adept at drawing pretty-boys, so this drawing was definitely in my comfort zone.

(Done in photoshop using these neat brushes that really mimic pencil/graphite quite well.)

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War for the Oaks by Emma Bull is a delightful book. This is my idea of the main character, Eddi. What I remember about her (visually) was that she has blonde hair, sings, and plays a red Rickenbacker. She does sport some kickin’ outfits during the course of the book, but I played around and designed my own for her. I didn’t intend for the colors to turn out the way they did (I don’t think I ever really have intentions for my colors, sigh, haha), but I must say I like the way the red and electric turquoise contrast. I drew Willy Silver, too, but maybe I’ll post him tomorrow.

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Twee twee twee, I said I’d post again and here I am. It’s a color piece today, completed a few nights ago. It’s a character from Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Show is seriously addicting! It’s a trade I did with my friend Brett. He drew Lin Beifong and I drew Tarrlok. He’s a sneaky sneak, and I really enjoy his character design, so good times were had by all.

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I thought I said I’d update all the time! What the heck is wrong with me! I’m going to post DAILY this week to compensate.

Here are some doodles that were created based on my prompting friends on facebook as to what I should draw. For whatever reason the thought of drawing animals, specifically penguins and owls and Sheriff Frog riding a piglet, appealed to me the most.

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Hello world, aka the .6 readers of this blog. I’m back from my first semester of Medical school, a little older, a little wiser, and itching to draw now that I’ve been reunited with my art supplies. So expect at least a couple of updates this week.

The above is a panel from a guest comic I did for my friend Brett over at Weird Green Cat. He has moved on to other projects, but the Weird Green Cat lives inside us all. Or maybe it’s just a parasite I’ve learned about called Toxoplasma gondii. One can never tell with these things, I suppose.

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I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know anything about Halo. Most attempts to play it end up with me holding the controller upside down. But when my friend Sarah asked me to draw her friend Eric as Master Chief, I happily obliged. He owns the armor in real life. So it’s like art imitating life imitating art. With a bunny.

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“Amélie a soudain le sentiment étrange d’être en harmonie totale avec elle-même. Tout est parfait en cet instant. La douceur de la lumième, ce petit parfum dans l’air, la rumeur tranquille de la ville. Elle inspire profondément et la vie lui paraît alors si simple et si limpide qu’un élan d’amour comme un désir d’aider l’humanité entière la submerge tout à coup.”

One of my favorite scenes from Amelie is right after she’s changed a man’s life by returning several precious items from his childhood (though I guess the entire movie is a “favorite part” for me). Inks/sketching in Manga Studio, colors in Photoshop. As close to done as it’ll probably ever get. Done in about an hour.

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By that time, Joscelin had arrived, and his sword sang free of its sheath as he drew it. “David de Rocaille,” he said softly. “Turn and face me.”

The remaining Cassiline backed slowly away, covering Ysandre’s retreat. In the stillness, David de Rocaille turned to meet Joscelin Verreuil.

Something more completed, yes? This is warrior-priest Joscelin, from Jacqueline Carey‘s fabulous Kushiel’s Legacy books. I drew him in a pseudo-comic for my friend Christy, who is developing some really breathtaking compositions inspired by the books. This image is old, but I was in a mood to post it. The best part of this picture to me is that Joscelin has only recently come out of hiding, which involved dying his hair brown (which is why his eyebrows are blonde – I wanted a fun reminder of his epic blondness). If I had to have a second go at this, I’d probably angle the sword differently and re-do the vambraces. Never say never…though I guess when you run a sketchblog, threats like that are a given. (Fun fact: I’d thought that I knew how to spell vambraces up until literally thirty seconds ago when I had to check. I wasn’t.)



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